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Carefully crafted with both chopping and serving in mind, this beautiful solid oak board comes complete with a natural jute string hanger, creating a rustic decoration when not in use. Engraved with 'Leitidh' the Highland cow, from the Ardbhan cattle fold. Read below for Leitidh's story. 

Selbrae House sustainably source their naturally beautiful oak from a Fife-based not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to safeguarding the future of Scotland’s breathtaking woodlands.

Dimensions - 30cm x 15cm x 2cm

Leitidh's story

Leitidh Bhuntata​​​​​​ - Lady of the Potatoes Leitidh

Leitidh Bhuntata Lady of the Potatoes Leitidh (pronounced Letty), a derivative of the Gaelic word “leadaidh” which translates to “lady” is a sweet highland cow belonging to the Ardbhan Fold of North Uist.

One of our friendliest members, she can often be found seeking out the Cowgirl in the hopes she has tasty tidbits stashed in her pockets. Leitidh’s story is quite an amusing one, her bloodline joined Ardbhan way back in the 90’s with a cow that was bred by the Druimdearg Fold on the neighbouring island of Benbecula. Bhanna Phrionnsa (Princess) of Druimdearg bore a heifer calf, Leitidh Rhiabhach of Ardbhan, in the spring of 1998 and when she joined the breeding herd a few years later she developed a rather mischievous habit of breaking into chief cowboy, Angus’ beloved potato patch, right up until she passed of old age. No matter what security measures he took, she would always find a way to feast on the delicious machair potatoes when roaming the island of Vallay and it earned her the notorious nickname, The Potato Cow, amongst the herd. Although her offspring didn’t inherit the naughty trait, the name passed down through her progeny and the Gaelic word for potato: “buntata/bhuntata” has even been incorporated into their official registered pedigree names. This lovely lady pictured, Leitidh Dhearg Bhuntata of Ardbhan, is a granddaughter of the famous Potato Cow and although she hasn’t developed a taste for tatties….or she just hasn’t found them yet, she is known to be quite the escape artist and often feels that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Sounds a lot like another cow that we used to know!

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