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Hand knitted products using fisherman’s patterns designed by the herring girls

Culture, heritage and identity are very much at the heart of The Herring Girl collection. These intricate knitting patterns have been woven into the island way of life, with stitches being passed on from mother to daughter, spanning generations.

The women of the Western Isles created these beautiful geansaidhs (jumpers) with tenderness and love, for husbands, brothers and sons, and with each stitch they hoped and prayed that they would be protected from the often-harsh Hebridean tempests.

The geansaidh protected them and kept them warm while at sea, and when tragedy did strike, it was the geansaidhs that told their story, and was how men lost at sea would be identified and returned home.

Each island has its own special set of patterns. The Net Stitch, the Marriage Lines, True Lovers Knot, the Tree and the Anchor are patterns used in the Isle of Barra. Each symbol having a special meaning and each geansaidh lovingly created for the wearer.

Each product is stocked in the following colours. If you see an item and the colour you prefer is unavailable, please contact us so we can check our shop floor for stock or we can arrange a special order. 

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